ninety nine TT_001_Fotor2048.png

So, while everyone was sleeping during something these adults like to call “Naptime” (Shrugs.. Yeah I don’t know.. hehe) I decided to work on my art work. I think I managed to stay in the line pretty well. All I know is it was way better than… *looks around*.. Naptime. *giggles*

Keep Smiling y’all.

❤ LeighAnna


Body: Cutebytes Toddleedoo Baby
Hair: Truth Carmela
Freckles: Say Cheese- Disco Dip Freckles

{Outfit and Accessories}
Jewelry: Tiny Trinkets Tear Crystal Jewel Set Limited 50 Sept!
Outfit: Tiny Trinkets  Autumn Outfit @ Ninety Nine 

{Set Design}
Boogers Polar Bear Rug
Floorplan Eiffel Marquee
Little Nerds Hello Kitty Coloring Book and pages

Tiny Trinkets Modeling pose


The Tiniest Pumpkin




*grins* so I decided to sneak off today to the barn to see the horsies. They don’t scare me to much but before i left, I remembered that there was a wagon with pumpkins! I decided to become a pumpkin myself and hide out a while. *giggles* after a while they finally showed up and tried to eat mine hat! hehehehe. Those silly horsies.

As mine Addy says, Keep Smilings Y’all! hehe.. don’t tell her I stole her line!




Hair: Truth Sian
Body: Cutebytes Toddleedoo Baby
Freckles: Say Cheese- Disco Dip Freckles

Outfit: Tiny Trinkets My Pumpking Costume @ Addicted to Pink Event

{Set Design}
{what next} Fall Harvest Wheelbarrow
Alirium Shiny Meadow autumn
hive // the old barn RARE and DIY countryside fence